Individual Managed Accounts

One ancient secret of financial freedom, which just few people have discovered today, in our modern financial world is one- tenth income saving.

Irrespective of one’s income level, form of employment or status you can enjoy a sound secured future and afford the kind of luxuries you desire if you develop the habit of consistent savings, through investment secret of saving one-tenth of one’s income ( or what you can afford on regular basis) into RISave portfolio.

By signing onto the RISave, you have taken your first step to financial freedom; the other steps, PENT ASSET AND WEALTH MANAGEMENT will offer you free professional investment coaching into practical wealth creation.


Features of the Product

  • Regular deposits (weekly or monthly), with minimum start up amount of not less than GHs 100.00, with the mind of growing investment;
  • Fund is invested collectively but returns to individual are based on one’s contribution and the net asset value of the fund;
  • Investment options include money market securities, short and medium term income securities;
  • Performance of the fund expected to benchmark BoG 91 day annualized T/bill rate;
  • Client is encouraged to hold the investment for minimum period of one year to allow fund to grow.


Benefits to Customers

  • Free professional investment coaching into practical wealth creation;
  • Quarterly client’s statement available for client to monitor performance;
  • It gives opportunity to investors to participate in investments that may be available only to larger investors;
  • It benefits individuals (both at home and abroad) to consciously build investments for projects such as building factory, residential apartment, educational institutions etc.


Key Application Requirements

  • One passport- sized photograph;
  • Valid photo ID ( eg. Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID, NHIS);
  • Fill application form;
  • Initial deposit.